Any pet that the owner perceives to be sick in any way we would like to see. We are aware that many pets get sick or injured while all other surrounding animal hospitals are closed, and that early detection can be key to saving a pets life. Providing the ability of a pet owner to have that pet seen at the moment that they realize that they are not feeling well, is the best thing for every patient.

We will have the most up to date blood and urine machines, with digital x-ray, and real time Ultrasound capabilities to diagnose what is wrong with each pet. We will also keep in stock many medications that will be required to fix many of these problems that we will diagnose.


There are many cases that are diagnosed at surrounding animal hospitals that should be on IV fluids overnight. Many of these patients are left unattended with the fluids set to run through the night. Time after time I have seen that this rarely works. Leaving the patient still dehydrated, and sometimes worse.

Denver Animal Emergency will have a veterinary technician that will make sure that IV fluids will flow through the night. We will also have the ability the monitor a continuous EKG on a patient if needed over night. It will be our plan that each patient that is hospitalized with us over night will return to the hospital where it came from, or find a local animal hospital where they can receive service the following morning.


Although emergency care and overnight supervised hospitalization are our primary services, we do also offer emergency surgeries as needed.

We look forward to serving you in all of your vet care needs.